Friday, February 9, 2007

Monkeys Galore

In Phuket Town I met the most amazing couple. They were French and although neither of us spoke each other's language (apart from my sad/rusty French skills) we chatted for over 2hours and discovered that we both had our bellies pierced!

I forgot to mention that I went diving while in Phuket. The turtles were loving our table scraps.

This is the view from the dorm in Koh Phi Phi, 'The Rock', not bad for 200 Baht/night :)

This is Koh Phi Phi the morning we boarded Juno.

This is us sailing to 'Monkey Island'. Appropriately named...

Look how cute they are playing like humans in the hammock...

Until they get tired of all the pictures and start to chase you.
I felt like the Paparazzi... No pictures PLEASE !!!

And this is us leaving Monkey Beach; can't wait to go back one day.

Sailing 'The Juno'

This is me in the Kitchen cleaning up after dinner. I thought all the guys would get a kick out of this one, I'm strapped into the kitchen by a harness.

It was so sad to leave Juno. I was miserable the entire 14 hour trip to the opposite cost to Koh Phangan. I got over it quickly though once I sat in the hammock on the porch of my very own bungalow and drank in the view... Can't tell from this shot, but I thats the ocean just beyond those trees.

Devin rented a motorbike and we took off around the Island.
One of the beaches we found was called 'Malibu Beach'.
The sand was so soft; it was amazingly beautiful :)

So we decided to stay awhile. Ain't life rough?

Also on our motorbike tour we found an Elephant Safari. It cost 15 Baht to feed the elephants bananas. This elephant is only 2 years old. It was good because they appeared well looked after, which is the only reason I would support them and give them the 15 Baht.

We also found a random hiking trail to a lookout. The lookout was a bit of a disappointment because of a few clouds; but I found things to amuse me along the way...

Like GIANT spiders

And Monkeys that clear coconuts from trees :)

This one did not chase me and instead smiled for the camera.

I was inspired to try one of the coconuts the next day.
Coconut milk does not taste sweet like I expected;
the locals had a good laugh though :)


Erika said...

Hey Kari! Wow I am so jealous....right now I am sitting here on the computer at the pool looking at old men in speedos as you are probably sleeping on the beach! Have a blast:)

Rachel said...

Look at you and your cute skirt! I think that picture of you holding your shoes and standing by the boats is one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen, a "framer" for sure. Hey I had a dream the other night that I was in Thailand too and we were driving around in a taxi but it didn't have a driver so we were freaked out. Yeah, so, look out for taxi's driving by themselves, I have a bad feeling about those.

Janice said...

Hey Kari,
Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, I'm hoping you are always safe, the yacht story sounds like it was wonderful. I'm glad we don't have the harnesses for the kitchen sink here!! Continue enjoying your adventure.

kris said...

hey sis i am very jealous because katie and i should also be in the sun in san juan on a boat. in stead i am still shoveling snow and now wearing a rain coat in the sunny Okanangan were the lakes sill have Ice on then. be safe have fun. love K,K&E&little baby

Dad said...

Hello Kari

We had your picks, they was backwards,(with directions to view from bottom) Now half are gone ???

You standing in ankle deep sand with all them neat looking boats behind you is now our screen saver (LOOKS GOOD)

Wish we where with you looks like fun. Love the technology with the chat and the instant pics keep it coming.

Love Dad

Deb said...

Hi Kari. I'm so glad you are happy and safe! Your pictures are amazing. We all miss you (that's right, even Lester!)
Take care of yourself.