Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Welcome to Bali

Crossing the boarder into Cambodia was a cultural shock. Even with that experience behind me I was not prepared for Indonesia or, more accurately, Bali. The flight from Bangkok to Bali was uneventful, which is saying something when you're flying an airline sporting 3 crashes in 4 months, and I arrived at the Denpasar Airport just itching to get to the beach and get in some surfing. Being the only person on the flight needing a visa made the process the least painful of all the boarder crossings thus far. I was standing at the immigration desk fully grooving to the music they had blaring in the airport, when it hit me just what I was listening to; Good Charlotte - 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl'. Welcome to Bali. I was stunned at how unlike my mental image Indonesia was and it was one of those moments you think is funny- really funny - so you turn to tell someone that you/they are experiencing a very funny moment and you realise you are completely alone (except for a crusty looking immigration officer) it could have killed the moment for me; but I was loving it too much.
Arriving in Bali, I was alone for the first time in 5 weeks, I found a cheap guesthouse and a cheap board shop and went straight to the beach. I think I was in Bali for a total of 4 hours before I was in the water and paddling out back. The water was warmer than the showers I'm used to and, even now, I had a hard time getting used to the feel of my board on my skin; I can't imagine putting on my full-body wetsuit again when I get home. Everything was great until I headed out for dinner with some fellow travellers and stubbed my big toe. This wouldn't be a big deal except I keep hitting the same toe; my nail is falling of, the skin is super tender and all I need to do is bump it and the new skin rips off and I'm back to square one. I decided to keep it dry and let it close a bit before going back in the water. (The water here is unclean, while you paddle out you end up with plastic bags on your hands and they wrap around your legs while you sit on your board; I lovingly call it 'Kuta seaweed') After 3 days I wrapped my toe in plastic and headed out again. It was great; I got 15 days of surfing in before I did it again, I should stop wearing sandals and invest in some steel-toed boots. Anyways; the point of the whole toe story is to say that I've decided to change my flights and fly to India one week early. I'm hoping to fly out tomorrow which means I'll be meeting up with Robyn, David and Stephan in less than 72 hours! Can't wait to see some familiar faces.


Rachel said...

surfing! without me, and in warm water, I'm so jealous. I booked a flight to Maui yesterday though so I am stoked on that. I'm sure Robyn and Steve will be happy to see you, happy travels and I'm glad you're safe. xoxo

Anonymous said...

What, no photos? I live vicariously through your blog and I am a visual person. I know you are too busy sunning and surfing and relaxing. Glad you are having such a great time. I am taking Grandma over to see Emilee (and her family) in May. Thought that would be fun. Miss you.
Love R D M & C

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry but London is going to be boring now! I have nothing as exciting to offer you, oh except we can go to one of the three million pubs like all other Londoners and drink our selves fat and ugly. I wish I was surfing with you so much! Even if I had to swallow a few plastic bags. Love Ashleigh

Anonymous said...

Kari this is Gus. Bali! Don't sell out the North Pacific Surf Bros! While you're in a giant bathtub, I'm about to head out 14 feet at 16 seconds. Beat that! Oh, yeah. You don't have to struggle into a soaking wet steamer in the rain. Anygays, I hope you're well and come home soon!


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