Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Beginning

Hello to all. I've made it safe and sound to Bangkok. It only took me 27 hours; 21 hours in the air and 6 hours waiting for flights. I still can't quite figure out what day it is, but since I don't need to be anywhere for another 75 days I won't worry about it.

Last night I arrived @ 12:00am, I'd met two other lone travellers and we decided to stick together till we got our bearings. I ditched my reservations (only cost me $4) and we took off to find a hostel that could accommodate all of us... 20 hostels later, we found a hole in the wall that took us all for $8. I love the prices here. Tried to fall asleep once we got a place to avoid crazy jet leg, sleeping is really hard when there are 10 roosters in the area, all of which were very confused about what time it was.

Anyways, I'm running out of time on the computer, I'll stop this note and add some pics.

Mom and Dad - sorry I didn't call again / Jason - I miss you / Rachel - I already got the glasses / Veronica - Your letter made me cry, I love you / Drew - Songs sound great :)



RachelJane said...

no pictures please, can't you tell by these glasses I'm famous?

Anonymous said...

roosters here roosters there and they still dont no what time dawn is, be safe and write often.love kris katie ethan ben and baby.

Janice said...

Glad to hear you have made friends already -- being that you are such an introvert!!
I will watch your travels with interest.
Be safe. God go with you.