Friday, January 26, 2007

Sweet heavenly sun!

After a 28 hour bus saga I've finally made it to the beach... And now I'm kinda stuck cause it feels so good to just sit and soak it in. After 2 days my tan is already darker than the end of last summer, the rays are very strong here:) The only down side is that old women tanning topless and old men wearing itsy bitsy speedos seems to be the in thing. At least the speedos are helping me feel like I haven't left North Surrey Rec.

I am staying in a Hostel called 'On On' It's neat cause it's famous for a cameo it had in the movie 'The Beach' staring Leonardo DiCaprio, I'm also planning to head out and find the waterfall used in the film, apparently it's breath taking and you can swim in it:)

Well I don't have much to say now as my days are summed up in two words: sun bathing! As soon as things pick up I'll be sure to fill you in.

Thanks for all your comments, they have become such a great treat to look forward to!

Hope all is well,



Mrs. Mulligan said...

yum...banana hammocks for breakfast! Don't forget that sunscreen girl...take it from "suzy snowskin" she knows.

Dad said...

Be careful with the topless sunbathing remember what happened a few years ago and it seemed like such a good idea then. Have lots of fun

Anonymous said...

Hey Kari
We're missing you here at North but are hoping you are having an awesome time...Just wanted to thank you for the gifty you left....forgot about it...found it in in my vehicle... not sure whether I should shop first or drink the wine first...etiher way, take care...come back to us happy & helathy and with tons of memories.
Missn ya!

you're early morinng... getting you to work late driver....

married ... no children said...

Hey Kari!

I have to ask about your Dad's post ... what happened when you were sunbathing topless a few years ago? Sounds juicy, do tell ....

Love ya and miss ya and lots of hugs and kisses - and oh, by the way - Steve and I bought a house!

Alana said...

Hey babe, I love this website. Me and Liam keep checking to see what you have been up to. Looks like it's loads of fun. Love the pictures... you look very happy and relaxed. Can't wait to hear more adventures from the land of pop in baggies. Love you!