Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Some Pictures

Phra Nakhon

These are from the city Ayutthaya which used to be Thailand's capitol.

I bought a coke from a street vendor, and she wouldn't let me keep the bottle cause they return it for the deposit, everywhere you go you see people drinking from little plastic bags:)

The streets are so clean!!! Yes thats a toothbrush she's holding.

Here is an example of people accepting change and growing with technology. The Monk is on his cell during a ceremony:)

This is the lady who feeds me everyday. The Pat Thai costs 20 Baht which is less than $1 Can

.I wanted to buy these for Rachel, I knew how much she'd love them, but sadly I do not think they would pass the weight restrictions on the plane... Sorry Rachel :D


RachelJane said...

yeea pictures!!! wow, those granny panties are in a class of their own...I think I would need another drawer for those drawers :) Oh and I love that you are drinking out of a bag, I have never seen that before. Stay safe girl.

p.s. that's so raven

Janice said...

Hey Kari, Sounds like a great time. Your update is the best -- pictures with headings, says it all. I love it.
Continue having fun and stay safe.

kris said...

the coke out of a bag with a straw is funny as hell. try and get your brother a can for his collection or just keep a bag for me. haha. I had a interview for OK Falls fire department and i got a call back for a secondin 2 weeks. anough of me be safe Kari love K&K&E.

R,D,M & C in Nanaimo said...

Hey Kari, we love you. Love your site. Keep sending the updates - We look forward to seeing them.

Kelly said...

"COKE IN A BAG" isnt too far off your "Guiding" days when there were eggs and jello cooked in bags! You should be used to that!!
But it has a catchy kinda sound to it...they just might be onto something...I'll have to call "Ellen" with that idea! If anyone would go for it, she would. Dont worry I'll mention your name!!

Love, Auntie Kelly

Deb said...

Hey kari, Saw your pictures, looks like a really cool place to be and I am so glad to hear that you're safe because I've been worried. Lester and I both send our love, wish we were there...don't worry I'll keep him warm for you ;)

Grandma & Grandpa said...

Hi Kari,
Thinking about you. Love you. Look forward to your return to hear everything firsthand.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey!

Word up from England! I miss you but you look like your having too much fun to miss any one. Speaking of having fun why were there no pics of you surfing yet...Kari you dissapoint me every day : ).I can't wait for you to come here, no coke in a bag but I can promise to find some good beer and put it in a bag for you!

Love Ashleigh

Mandie said...

Awesome pics Kari! It looks like your having soooo much fun and experiencing some very unique things. Coke out of a bag, who would have thought! I like Ashleigh's idea about the beer, NICE :) When you get back home you could start a whole new trend, LOL! Keep having a fantastic time and be safe. Can't wait to hear from you again :)